Loredana Boldini



Artist Biography:


Loredana Boldini studied the Arts, which led her on to teaching and a passion for painting.

Self taught, she attended several courses to perfect her technique, experimenting and honing her skills, whilst working alongside other artists. She has worked closely with the artist, Pieraldo Tellaroli who graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti, Brera, He follows her, promoting her work.



Subjects: Figurative.

Technique: Oil/ Acrylic on canvas and plaster on canvas.



LA DONNA: “In Loredana Boldini’s work, the female figure plays an important role, becoming the centre of a fascinating aesthetic quest for expresssion.


The artist knows how to bring out our most hidden sentiments, freeing up pent up tensions and emotions present in the soul, in a desire to communicate and reflect deeply on the human condition.

The image of the moon is often to be found in her pictures, evoking a higher dimension which transcends contingency, offering new values, and viewpoints with which to analyse life.

Hers is a peaceful, seductive way of painting both for its delicate colours and balanced composition in which human objectivity is depicted in sweetly sensual yet innocent forms.

She tells stories of feelings and relationships portrayed with modesty in an intimate, allusive atmosphere capable of analysing in depth the many facets of the spirit where the inspirational moment is caught in a

logic of poetic immediacy." (Vito Cracas)


SERIE SPECIALE”: in this series, Loredana Boldini creates works of art aimed at capturing the most evident aspects of every day life where she attempts to highlight the merits, flaws and characteristics of today’s society. The works emphasise the central role of MAN, a stylised figure constantly present, TO ALL APPEARANCES of secondary importance and yet invited to reflect and contemplate on the subjects dealt with.

The themes she treats in her work are endearing and full of colour, encompassing the human figure and always placed in prominence on the hand stretching out to those who look on. MAN has the duty to reflect and the power to direct his choices in a MINDFUL WAY since he has FREE WILL.


What they have said about her: She has received numerous awards, taken part in exhibitions, shown her work at various international and published on specialised reviews and catalogues.

The following journalists and art critics have spoken about her: Mariarosaria Belgiovine, Guarneri

Gianluigi, Vito Cracas, Elena Cicchetti, Sonia Dametto, ,Arpinè Sevagian..



INTERNET: www.loredanaboldini.it


E-MAIL: loredana@loredanaboldini.it


INSTAGRAM: l_bold28graphic e l_bold28


REFERENCES: Vito Cracas, Arpinè Sevagian., Sonia Dametto, Mariarosaria Belgiovine.


EXHIBITIONS: Museo Etnografico, Alessandria 2013/15. Museo Mille Miglia, Brescia 2014. Circolo Ufficiali della Marina Militare, La Spezia 2014. Flyer art Gallery, Bergamo and Rome 2016. Galleria degli Artisti, Milan 2017. Spazio Porpora, Milan 2017. Galleria Atelier Des Arts, Mantova 2018. Domus Romana Art Gallery, Rome 2018. AICS Cremona Arte 2018.Grifio Art Gallery Web ArtExpo, Rome 2019. Museo Virtuale, Rome 2019.


She has taken part in the following events: Fiere dell'Arte Contemporanea: Cremona- Piacenza- Parma- Pavia- Vicenza- Genova- Montichiari (Bs)- Forlì- Cesena -Parallax Art Fair Kensington, London..





  • Collective - Castello Conti Gambara - Gambara 2011
  • Collective - Castello Conti Gambara - Gambara 2012
  • Collective - Art Gallery "Etico Atelier" - Brescia 2012
  • Collective - Villa Badia - Leno BS 2012
  • Personal - Bibiena Theatre - Mantova 2013
  • Collective - Castello Conti Gambara - Gambara 2013
  • Collective - Villa Badia - Leno BS 2013
  • Personal - Alessandria 13-28 September 2013
  • Collective - Villa Lechi- Erbusco BS- September 2013
  • Collective - Villa Fenaroli- Rezzato BS- November 2013
  • Collective - Villa Badia BS- December 2013
  • Collective - Salone BCC Brescia - December January- 2013/14
  • Personal - La Spezia- May 2014
  • Collective - Hotel Vittoria BS - Mille Miglia- May 2014
  • Collective - Villa Badia - Leno Bs - July 2014
  • Collective - Castello Conti Gambara - Gambara BS- August 2014.
Oil on canvas - 40x80cm

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